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Thredbo Summer of Music

Thredbo Music Festivals: World Class Performances In Australia’s Summer Paradise

The snow melts in summer to expose the picturesque peaks of the Snowy Mountains. The transformation from a world famous alpine winter village, to a summer retreat is almost magical. Beautiful flowers bloom from some of the rarest plants on the planet, to add color to amazing sunsets.

The snowy slopes of Mt Kosciusko and the surrounding hills become a veritable summer paradise. Full of natural beauty, Thredbo in summer is Australia’s playground, with every outdoor activity on offer. Fly fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, horse riding, and fun activities for the kids, form part of a bouquet that makes up inexhaustible Thredbo life.

The Thredbo Music Festivals

Some of the biggest highlights of the summer are the exclusively unique music concerts and extravaganzas that come to Thredbo every year. Top musicians from different genres of music bring their best acts to Thredbo. Among these choice festivals are the three world famous Blues, Jazz, and Country music festivals.

Each of these festivals attracts the best artistes from around the world, many of whom consider Thredbo a favorite of their annual calendar. The beautiful village of Thredbo is treated to performances around the village, which offer up close encounters with very artiste. From pubs, restaurants, and luxury resorts, an endless array of performances can be experienced for days.

Nestled in the mountains, Thredbo still offers the best in luxury accommodation, sumptuous cuisine, and barbeques, all taken down with fabulous cocktails, wine, and a huge variety of other drinks. The village is easily accessible on foot. This allows you to walk to every venue or concert, in the lovely summer weather at Thredbo.

Thredbo Blues Festival

The 2015 Thredbo Blues Festival will once again attract the top performers of Australian and international blues music. This festival has been the premier blues event in Australia for well over a decade. Thredbo in summer has consistently proved to be the best place to experience the very roots of the blues movement.

15 venues in total will host 20 of the best blues bands. This year’s lineup presents probably the best headline acts to ever perform in Australia. They include guitarist Jeff Lang, the famous Russell Morris, and Rick Price, who has delighted audiences worldwide with his unique talent on the instruments. This year’s impressive cast will also feature The Ray Beadle Band, The Funky Hitmen, Bondi Cigars, and Andrea Marr.

These bands will give at least three performances each, throughout the three days of the festival. Venues will be scattered around the village, availing great opportunities for audiences to be access each location with ease.

Thredbo Blues can be enjoyed from poolside locations as you cool in the summer heat, or mountainside on warm evenings. Concert style performances are also scheduled around the village, where you can let loose and get lost in eclectic tunes.

The Thredbo Blues Festival is a must see annual event, right in the middle of the best summer holiday destination in the southern hemisphere. Nothing beats this combination of stirring blues vocals, and cool sundowners with the amazingly beautiful backdrop of the Snowy Mountains.

The Snowy Mountains Country Music Festival

March will welcome both iconic stars and upcoming talent of the country music scene to Thredbo. Be prepared for mesmerizing country performances from top artistes, who will add to the electric village vibe at Thredbo. The cool mountain air, fantastic views of the surrounding mountains, and rhythmic country tunes, combine to make the country music festival one of a kind globally.

Performances from numerous artistes and bands are scheduled during both day and night. These performances will feature The Viper Creek Band at the Honky Tonk Keller pub. This will be a night party on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st. Other performances include country Bluegrass in the village by Peter Denahy, to accompany breakfast on the Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd.

The three day country music festival will be highlighted by a main stage concert at Friday Flat on the 21st. The venue is a natural amphitheater, with great acoustics for performances by The McClymonts, The Sunny Cowgirls, Adam Brand, and Wylie and The Wild West. Other artistes at this event will include Doug Bruce, Morgan Evans, and Catherine Britt.

The snowy Mountains Country Music Festival is a music bonanza set in picturesque natural settings, with the most delightful village vibe anywhere on the planet.

Thredbo Jazz Festival

This is a hugely illustrious musical journey around Thredbo by over 120 Jazz performers. It is a 26 year old iconic festival, which is the headline Jazz event of the year in Australia. Thredbo Jazz is made different by the varied settings, at which eminent Australian and International Jazz artistes belt out great tunes.

Past performances have featured such exalted Jazz artistes like Ms Murphy and Mahlia Barnes. Funk, Groove, and the entire spectrum of the Jazz genre are delivered in cozy venues. This 3 day extravaganza is organized by the Thredbo Chamber Of Commerce.

The venues include the top of the Mt Kosciusko Chairlift, fabulous bars, homely cafes, and the Village Square. This celebration of the best Jazz music is set amidst the exciting ambience of the Snowy Mountains, tempered by cool and crisp mountain air at the top of the continent.

Thredbo Jazz combines decadently delicious food from celebrated chefs in gourmet restaurants, and the best of Australian and international wine in an unbeatable village atmosphere. The closeness of every venue to the center of the village means you can drive up, park, and simply stroll everywhere.

Around Thredbo

Thredbo is not just about music and partying in summer. The surrounding mountains offer great natural trails for hiking, biking, and rock climbing. Enjoy the Alpine Lakes Walk to the west of the Main Range, and finish it off with champagne at Charlottes Pass.

You may also delight in the Chairlift up Mt Kosciusko, or dance your heart out at the carnival. The famous Moon Walk to the top of the Mountain cannot be missed. Watch the sun dip below the horizon from Australia’s highest peak, and be astonished by the sight of the moon rising into the sky.

This is why Thredbo music festival gives you more than just the best music. There are countless ways to play and party in this world class holiday destination, for just about everyone.