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Snowy Mountains Country Music Festival

Snowy Mountains Country Music Festival

With an impressive lineup of various talents, the Snowy Mountains Country Music festival offer an amazing opportunity that will make sure that you enjoy the best of country music as well as experience the snowy mountain during the summer. The festival is set for three days that include main stage concert that will be held on Saturday March 21st at Thredbo Alpine Village. There will be performances from Morgan Evans, Adam Brand, The Sunny Cowgirls, the McClymonts, Doug Bruce and Catherine Britt among other talented individuals.

With a stunning mountain backdrop and amazing celebrities who will be in Thredbo, the event is superb for everyone. The sunny cowgirls are set to play the event making it suitable for everyone who loves outdoor parties. As stated, the event runs for three days with the headliner on the main state scheduled to be held on the main stage and bands will be playing in the village on Friday and Sunday. You can get the tickets online that are going for only $129. The festival will as well cover a broad spectrum of blues that will ensure that you get to have a fulfilling musical weekend that is well organized and full of fun for all ages.

Snowy Mountains Country MusicThe Acts of Thredbo country music will perform in the natural amphitheater that is created by the beautiful mountain terrain that surrounds the village. The festival will not only get to celebrate the most popular but it will also recognize great new talent in events such as the country Bluegrass with Pete Denahy for breakfast on 21st March and on Sunday 22nd March . Party at night with the Creek Band will be held on the 20th and on the 21st at the Honky Keller Bar.

There will be more than twenty bands in the program and each will play about three to four gigs over the weekend making sure that you get to listen to your favourite music. The guests have the opportunity to see them in the public venues and in other private dining venues such as in the various restaurants in the village, Some of the bands will go around the village square, at The Thredbo Alpine hotel , The Eagles Nest restaurant and in several bars in the village. You will also have the opportunity to collect the final program at the festival ticket office to make sure that you do not miss the location that your favourite band is playing.

The venue also hosts all year around resorts that includes accommodations, bars, retail stores and restaurants that makes sure that you get everything you need to make your visit interesting, thus making sure that you enjoy your. There is a wide variety of hotels offering 2 to 5 star accommodation services. The hotels also offer camping sites for the customers who may decide to have this experience. The accommodation services also include early bird packages that allow the visitors to experience this beautiful region and what it offers during summer.

The visitors will also be able to take the advantage of the amazing activities available including fly fishing on Thredbo river, participate in abseiling and bobsledding, go on mountain biking in the snowy mountains or to head off to the on an picturesque horse riding tours in throughout the beautiful ranges.