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Thredbo Jazz Festival

Thredbo Jazz festival

The Thredbo Chamber of Commerce organizes the Thredbo Jazz festival. Each year it organizes this festival and the 2014 edition was the twenty-seventh year that this excellent jazz festival is being held. In May of 2014, the festival not only featured the best jazz players in Australia, but it will also featured fusion music as well as funky music and even groovy music – all of which will be performed by artists of a very high caliber.

Speaking of high caliber artists, the name of Mahalia Barnes stands out. Mahalia Barnes and the Soul Mates are a band that has been performing since 2005. The festival also features Ms Murphy, who won The Voice 2013 award and who is a real talent who excels when performing on stage.

The Thredbo Jazz festival of 2014 also featured artists like Monica Trapaga with Bob Bernard. Monica is a truly accomplished singer and entertainer who has performed all across Australia and she has regularly taken part in the best jazz festivals and corporate events as well as public shows. She became very popular in the nineties with her album called Monica and the Moochers. In 2003, Monica came out with Girl Talk, which she recorded with a five-piece band called Monica Trapaga and the Bachelor Pad.

George Washingtonmachine is a native Australian jazz violinist and singer extraordinaire whose outstanding violin playing and singing have won the hearts of audiences. If you want to hear somebody play the violin in a knuckle thumping fashion you must hear George Washingtonmachine. His vocals and violin playing make him a truly exceptional musician and that is why he has become an entertainer who is so much sought after at various festivals and events.

All these and other artists will really light up the festival. To gain entry you need to get a pass, which is a wristband that has to be secured to your wrist in order to be allowed inside the festival venue. There are no passes available for single gigs and the wristbands will only be available at the venue and must be bought when you arrive at the venue. These passes can be bought at the Festival Information and Ticketing Booth, which are located at the hotel concourse, close to the village square. Get your accommodation for this years event here

If the music stirs your gastronomic juices then you can take a look at the restaurants which double as dining venues. Accommodation at these restaurants will be limited and so be sure to book your place well in advance.

The price for a full weekend festival price is one hundred and fifty dollars. For this price you get entry to each and every festival venue from Friday through Sunday. It also entitles you to limitless chairlift rides on The Kosciusko Express Chairlift throughout the day on Saturdays and Sundays.

It is also possible to buy day passes for seventy-five dollars. Students who fall in the age group of fourteen to seventeen years get to buy their pass for fifty percent of the full price. Also, after six in the evening, passes on Fridays Saturdays and Sunday are priced at 50 dollars. Children below the age of fourteen get to enter the festival venue for free but they may be charged to use the chair lift.