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Thredbo: Home of the Blues

Blues in the Mountains

While Thredbo may be most famous for its exhilarating ski runs, breathtaking alpine scenery, friendly atmosphere and crisp, clear mountain air, this charming Snowy Mountains resort is much, much more than just a winter wonderland.

In fact, long after the snow has melted, the sun has returned and the mountain has been transformed into a lush, green paradise, the village of Thredbo comes alive to the sound of blues music.

For over two decades Thredbo has played host to one of the largest and most celebrated blues events in the country, with the finest musicians from both Australia and around the world gathering in the mountaintop resort to entertain thousands of blues lovers each summer.

For three days in January Thredbo becomes the home of Australian blues, musicians and fans gather from around the world, and the mountains ring out to the sounds of guitar, sax, harmonica and smooth, soulful vocals.

Visitors to Thredbo have always loved the festival, but the upcoming 23rd anniversary event promises to be better than ever.

Thredbo Blues 2017

This year we have the reformation of Stars featuring original members Mal Eastick and Mick Pealing. Stars debut album, Paradise (January 1978) which peaked at No. 11 on the Kent Music Report albums chart. The album spawned two more singles, “Back Again” in April and “West Is the Way” in June that year.

Andrew Durant, guitarist and one of Australia’s legendary songwriters was later to be diagnosed with cancer, the band had their last performance on 5 November 1979 and Durant died on 6 May 1980 at age 25. A tribute performance by Stars members and other Australian acts followed in August and a double album  Andrew Durant Memorial Concert was released in 1981. It peaked at No. 8 on the albums chart with proceeds donated to Andrew Durant Cancer Research Foundation. Lets all hope that the original members Mal Eastick and Mick Pealing when joined by Nick Charles Kevin Borich they recapture some of  the old magic.

Also featuring with be the James Southwell Band including from the USA Charlie Wooton.
James Southwell has been playing guitar & singing since he was only 7 years old. He has played on stage with Australia’s greatest blues band Chain, The Kevin Borich Express, Phil Manning, Stevie Wright and a host of other well known Australian artists. James is heavily influenced by these players as well as Geoff Achison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix & Joe Walsh. James was also Angry Anderson’s Lead Guitarist at a recent festival.

james-southwell-music1Comments from leading australia music dignitaries on James Southwell,

  • “WOW! What a great Rock’n band” (Geoff Achison.)
  • “What ever it is you need to succeed in this industry James has it” (Kevin Borich.)
  • “James is a wonderful guitarist, his professionalism really impresses me” (Phil Manning.)
  • “I’m looking forward to making the next album with James this has been great” (Mark Kennedy.)
  • “James is a very talented young man and this has been a fantastic situation to be involved in” (Mal Eastick.)
  • “This has been a great experience working with James on this project” (Phil Emmanuel.)
  • “I would love the opportunity to play with James again” (Angry Anderson.)
  • “James’ songs are very strong and he is a fantastic young guitar player” (Harry Brus.)
  • “James play’s some great solo’s over a lot of different styles”(Ross Ward)

Visitors to Thredbo will be invited to join them for multiple gigs at various venues across the village, from cozy, intimate bar sets to poolside gigs at the Thredbo Alpine Hotel to spectacular open air shows at the mountaintop Eagle’s Nest restaurant.
If you like your scenery stunning, your drinks chilled and your tunes smooth, Thredbo Blues Festival is the only place to be this summer.

With fantastic accommodation available for hire in the heart of the action, all you have to do is make your way to the village to enjoy a long weekend of music, merriment, good friends and beautiful views. Thredbo has it all.